As Chief Legal Officer of e-LYNXX Corporation, Anthony W. Hawks is responsible for all legal matters involving the company. Hawks co-founded the Pennsylvania-based print management firm in September 1999 and later served as its President and General Counsel. The e-LYNXX firm furnishes a proprietary state-of-the-art print management solution to large buyers of printing, while offering business development services to hundreds of print suppliers. The e-LYNXX print management solution incorporates its patented Automated Vendor Selection (AVS) Technology, which matches vendor attributes to job specifications in order to leverage the excess production capacity of each client’s pre-approved vendor base.


Anthony Hawks advises the senior management team on all business negotiations, and he is responsible for drafting all contracts and advising the firm’s clients on government contracting matters relating to the Government Printing Office (GPO). He is also President of the e-LYNXX AVS Division, and as such, is responsible for building, licensing, and enforcing the company’s patent portfolio.


In addition to his work with e-LYNXX, Anthony Wayne Hawks is the co-founder and legal director of an independent non-partisan 501(c)(3) organization called Amend America. Focused on building a networking site for political debate on issues of constitutional reform, Amend America facilitates discussion and consensus on proposed amendments that have the most potential for success under the Convention Clause of Article V of the Constitution.


Anthony W. Hawks is an active member of the District of Columbia Bar, where he has built a national legal practice tailored to the print industry. Since opening his firm, Hawks Law Office, in 1996, Hawks has litigated numerous cases for printers with government contracting issues involving the Government Printing Office (GPO). His cases include bid protests, monetary claims, contract appeals, and other disputes between printers and the GPO.


After graduating cum laude from Georgetown University Law Center with his Juris Doctor in 1984, Anthony Wayne Hawks practiced with several other law firms before settling into his current specialty of federal printing law. His first associate position was with the Alexandria, Virginia, law firm of Thomas & Fiske, where Hawks pursued a general commercial litigation practice for two years. He handed cases involving the First Amendment, the Fair Housing Act, and other matters. In July 1987, Thomas & Fiske merged with another regional firm, Hazel, Beckhorn & Hanes, to become Hazel & Thomas. Anthony W. Hawks became part of this firm’s general commercial and bankruptcy litigation practice in the District of Columbia. He worked in this position for nearly five years and was a senior associate on several high profile cases. In 1992, he became a partner with the boutique litigation firm of Furr & Brownell, where he handled both commercial litigation and government contracting cases.


Today Anthony W. Hawks is one of the nation’s leading attorneys serving the print industry. He lives at the beach in Delaware, where he enjoys activities such as golf, tennis, hiking, and tournament bridge.


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